101 SQPIs – We have cracked the 100!

Not only Disney has 101 Dalmatians - Scopeland Technology is also growing and is happy to have more and more active support. After more than 30 years of company history, we have steadily gained new colleagues. Over the years we have grown into a large team, which today consists of over 101 strong and dedicated employees.

Although the story began with big challenges: no business premises, no telephone, no credit, Scopeland Technology has developed widely as a company as well as a Low-Code platform. Under Karsten Noack, Founder & CEO, Scopeland Technology is today considered a pioneer of Low-Code technology, specializing in the development of customized database applications for large corporations, research and government institutions.

Our location has also grown with the company. With our move in 2016 from Birkenwerder to Berlin-Waidmannslust, not only the location of our office has changed, but also many new things have been added internally. For example our large project teams with additional external support.

And so it came about that we opened another office in Bonn in 2018 in addition to our headquarters in Berlin-Waidmannslust. Under the management of Patrick Schwieren, our second location is also receiving more and more active support.

Consisting of eight departments with different tasks, the development of our Low-Code platform SCOPELAND is going better than ever. Our team continues to grow: through lived values such as commitment, transparency, communication and a strong sense of togetherness, every SQPI at our company works together in an atmosphere of well-being.

No matter whether it's just finishing the day on the roof terrace or having lunch together - at Scopeland Technology career and life merge together in a successful way. As our Managing Consultant Thomas Wolf already emphasized, "It's the new challenges that make working at Scopeland so interesting". And together we face new challenges every day and find the right solutions as a team. We are proud to announce that today we are over 101 SQPIs together and we appreciate every single SQPI of them very much.

We would like to continue to grow and gain open-minded and inquisitive employees who are future-oriented and creative. If you would also like to become an SQPI and thus part of the team, please apply here.

We look forward to getting to know you!



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