Environmental Protection
Specialized Information Systems for Environmental Protection

The areas environment, landscape conservation, and urban development are among the first and most important fields of application for SCOPELAND. Due to its wide variety of databases and administrative processes, the environmental sector is virtually predestined for the modern configuring application development methods provided by Scopeland.

Scopeland has developed dozens of different specialized information systems for several state and federal authorities that have in turn been partly re-used by other federal state authorities. The extraordinary flexibility of SCOPELAND makes it possible to adapt a system that has been developed quickly and cheaply to other requirements or port a system to another technical platform. Dip into the huge pool of (adapted) re-usable applications or allow us to develop exactly what you need right from scratch. We provide the necessary environmental expertise, the right technology and the knowledge of how to efficiently implement such projects.

Here is a selection of environmental topics that we are able to cover:

  • Water (drinking water, waste water, water registers, hydraulic engineering, and so on)
  • Contaminated sites and groundwater damage
  • Immissions, emissions, noise register
  • Emissions trading and related topics
  • Logging
  • Nature conservation, species protection, and landscape conservation
  • Waste management
  • Landfills
  • Transport
  • Occupational health and safety topics
  • Pollutant register
  • Environment and health

Each of these topics involves large-scale cadastral, information and data management systems as well as process handling solutions, such as for approval and authorization procedures.

In addition, Scopeland also develops environmental information systems for commercial customers such as airports, research institutes, and so on.




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Scopeland Technology GmbH

Head of Sales and Customer Support

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Selected Customers

Federal Environment Agency

Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency

Federal State Office for Environmental Protection

Regional Office for Environment and Geology of Thuringia

Senate Department of Urban Development and Environment

State Office of Environment, Health and Consumer Protection