CEO and managers

Scopeland Technology GmbH has at its disposal an experienced management team who are predominantly company shareholders.

CEO Karsten Noack is the founder and innovator of the company. He offered clear direction from the start in product manufacturing combined with a specialist service field.

Like the visionary that he is, he was already developing and pushing forward the technology nowadays known as ‘Low-Code’ in the mid-nineties.

Karsten Noack is a member of the BITKOM executive board as well as various BITKOM and SIBB working groups. He was also a finalist for the award of Entrepreneur of the Year 1999.

As CEO and Chief Technology Officer, he has the main responsibility for the company’s strategic direction.

Alongside company founder and managing director Karsten Noack, highly experienced project and development managers lead specialist areas:

Claudia Peißert
Head of Project Management / Production Services

Mrs. Peißert is head of our Health Care business division and runs our project management office. She is a trained, certified, and highly experienced project manager.

Haiko Fiebag
Head of Application Development

Mr. Fiebag has vast experience in consulting and in managing major projects for public administration and every type of key account holder.

Christian Meier
Head of Product Development

For many years, Mr. Meier has been responsible for Scopeland Technology's Research and Development department which focuses on the continuous progression of our Low-Code technology and product range.

Dirk Kotala-Wilhelm
Head of Sales and Customer Support

Mr. Kotala-Wilhelm is the contact person for our customers - for all questions concerning the distribution of our products and services.

Frank Reichert
Head of Sales Office South Germany and Switzerland

For over 25 years, Mr. Reichert was with IBM, including as Global Client Director in the automotive sector. He has held responsible positions at other companies, and today he is in charge of our Sales acitivities in South Germany and Switzerland.