Mobile Solutions: Web Apps, Mobile Windows, Apps, and More...

Scopeland Technology supports several lines of mobile applications, each with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Sometimes it is an application with its own proper local database. Sometimes the mobile end device is simply another browser. Certain applications should give the impression of having a particular native system, despite the fact that all data is accessed online. In other cases, it is the offline functionality that is most important. Sometimes it is important for as much as possible to take place on the client itself, such as a cell phone. In other cases, it is precisely this that is strictly prohibited for data protection reasons.

Sometimes something should be preinstalled locally as an app, and at other times, this is not desired at all. It's always different. We will respond and adapt to any situation and implement the specific solution requested by our customer using the most appropriate basic technology.

SCOPELAND is not intended to be used to develop normal apps designed for private use. For us, the important thing is to develop mobile sub-applications as part of much larger projects. And, the mobile programs must also be designed differently, depending on the application. We have a large number of pre-built program components and features at our disposal and we can use these to implement your mobile applications in exactly the way you need them.