There is no better alternative: 8 reasons to choose Low-Code

Low-Code is the new way to develop software. According to the well-known analyst Forrester Research, 29% of all companies in the US already rely on Low-Code development, and further 43% are planning to use it. So there is no reason not to develop applications with Low-Code. But there are many reasons to decide for Low-Code with SCOPELAND: 


1. Low-Code is the development of sophisticated and business-critical application software

Scopeland Technology realizes IT projects primarily for public administration, industry, medicine and research as well as the financial sector. One of our biggest projects is an application for the needs of the asylum system for the state of Lower Saxony. This is the most comprehensive and modern software solution in Germany for almost all matters relating to foreigners and the processing of asylum procedures at state level.


2. SCOPELAND generates up to 99% of the program code automatically

With SCOPELAND, a complete solution for monitoring and controlling catch quotas in German waters was realized for the German federal government's fisheries IT. FIT consists of 58 specialized modules and 2 million lines of program code, 99.2% of which were automatically generated with the Low-Code platform.


3. The Low-Code development methodology also includes geodata processing and visualization

The integration of map services and representations, geo-related functions and comprehensive GIS-Features are an integral part of software development in factual data related database applications with Low-Code. Thanks to this approach we achieve a completely homogeneous and transparent unity of factual and geodata functionality in a common application.


4. All application development functions are realized with Low-Code

Whether document generation (including Word/Excel/PowerPoint), interface generator, report generator, mass data processing or data modeling - we implement almost all features with Low-Code.


5. Not only in the cloud: SCOPELAND is also designed for operation in classic data centers and in multi-cloud environments

Even though Low-Code is a modern technology, we prefer to develop our programs 'On Premise', i.e. for operation in our own data center. Thanks to many years of experience, we appreciate the advantages and know the potential dangers of classic data centers. Nevertheless, we naturally also offer the possibility of cloud hosting.


6. Low-Code technology is ideal for agile project management

Application development with Low-Code does not require rigid project management methods. We work according to the principles of Design Thinking, whereby the focus is on people. In the case of Low-Code projects, it is the developers and the users. The user is an integral part of the project team from the beginning, so that only what is really needed is developed. Regular feedback and test versions then ensure that all requirements are met.


7. Low-Code is perfect for non computer scientists

You don't have to be a classical programmer to develop software with the Low-Code technology. Since the functionalities of the later application already exist as modules, a basic understanding of complex models, rule-based systems and other types of declarative descriptions is sufficient. The application developers at Scopeland Technologie are almost exclusively career changers and come from business, geo- or bioinformatics, mathematics, physics, engineering or other natural sciences. Low-Code thus also counteracts the serious shortage of skilled workers.


8. SCOPELAND is probably the first Low-Code platform ever, or at least THE Low-Code platform with decades of experience

Scopeland Technology is one of the German pioneers of collaborative software development. Today's Low-Code technology is based on the revolutionary idea of programming software tailor-made for the user. Since then, far more than 500 applications have been successfully realized with SCOPELAND - the platform for sophisticated application development.



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